Take a picture or use an existing image & trace over it before removing the picture to create magical art! Don't tell your friends there was an original picture, and watch their reaction when they "discover" you artist talent!


Load an image as a background, trace over it, and then remove the background. You now have a beautiful piece of art!

  • Uses the latest Samsung S-Pen interface hardware & software (on devices with Note Pen hardware)
  • You can now use images from other applications (internet browser for example)
  • Save your work and continue at a later time if needed
  • Post the resulting drawings to any social network application on your device such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+
  • Send your sketch to your friends through email or save them to your photo gallery
  • Copy/paste the saved drawings as emoji's into your emails/chats
  • Create beautiful avatars and caricatures effortlessly

Start with an existing image on your Samsung Galaxy or Samsung Galaxy Note, or take a picture using the camera on your device. If the picture is too dark, use the volume buttons to adjust the brightness. Start tracing over the image. To see how the sketch is coming along, remove the background by shaking the phone (if enabled in the User Settings). Shake again and the picture will be back so you continue your work. Pinch and pan as needed to work on tiny details. Change the pen type, color, or width as needed. Making mistakes are not costly as you can undo/redo or just simply use the adjustable eraser. You can save your work and continue at a later time, if you like. Once done, remove the background and you will end up with a breathtaking sketch! Save your creation on your device or share it with your friends through social networks, by email, or via Bluetooth, all from inside the app. 

With Traces 2016 one can look like the next Picasso! Create astonishing caricatures and artworks that are clearly hand drawn and not computer generated. Create avatars, draw a preview of a remodeling project, or ... The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

This app comes in two flavors, Traces for Galaxy 2016 which runs on most newer Samsung Galaxy devices such as Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, and Galaxy TAB series. There is also Traces for Note 2016 which only runs on Samsung Galaxy Note devices (with the built in hardware pen). Please note that Traces Note 2016 does not work on any device that does not come with the built-in SPen hardware.

Traces for Galaxy 2016



Traces for Note 2016

If you don't have a compatible Samsung Galaxy device, you can get the Traces Pro