Take a picture or use an existing image. Trace over it using different brush types, sizes, and colors. Zoom and pinch as needed. Remove the background image and see your magical hand drawn art! 



While working on the sketch, you can shake the device to make the background image invisible. Shake again and the picture will come back. Adjust the darkness of the background if it is too dark. You can also undo and redo or just simply use the eraser to make corrections.



Once done, remove the original picture and you will have a breathtaking sketch! Save your creation or share it with your friends through social networks or email, all from inside the app.


With Traces you can look like the next Picasso! Create astonishing caricatures and artworks that are clearly hand drawn and not computer generated. Create avatars, icons, greeting cards, ... The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

"Traces for iOS" has native support for iPad, as well as iPhone, while "Traces for iPhone" is designed for iPhone/iPod devices (and iPad in compatibility mode). There is also an entry level version, "Traces Basic", which only a single pen available for drawing, and without pinch/zoom, or sharing option.


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